Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama-- Panderer in Chief: Tell Me Who Your Friends Are

by Aliza Davidovit
On Monday, a private meeting was held between the White House and American Jewish leaders who are gravely concerned about Obama’s tough stance on Israel vis-a-vis the settlements. Consistent with his promises of transparency, participants were forbidden to share direct quotes from the President. How quickly he shifted from “yes we can” to “don’t you dare.” The jist: He believes his approach will build more credibility with Arabs and faults Bush’s policy of unwavering support for Israel as ineffectual. Why Obama seeks to earn “credibility” and adoration from a murderous lot bent on Israel’s destruction is alarming. Does the popularity contest never end with this man or is he seeking the Muslim father figure he never had in Saudi princes and Arab leaders? I hope the liberal Jews who helped fill Obama’s coffers will be voting from the other side of their pockets next time around and will put pressure on him now before it’s too late. As for Israel, I wish they would expunge the word “occupied territories” from the peace process lexicon and reintroduce the adjective “disputed territories” or boldly state this is our Biblical birthright. The Palestinians are winning a war of attrition against Israel inch by inch and word by word. And with gracious appeasement Obama has become the facilitator-in-chief.